Onsen (hotspring)

& "TOJI"

Hijiori's hot spring is known for its high therapeutic effects.

Hijiori is one of the few places in Japan that still maintains "Toji" "Toji" is a tradition to stay in hot spring towns (known as "Tojiba") for weeks to heal the body after hard labor.

There are numerous Onsens in Japan but "Toji-ba" is where the quality of hot spring is guaranteed.

<Type of Onsen>

Natrium- Chloride- Sodium

Bicarbonate Saline Spring

Hijiori's hot spring is clear and odorless. The spring is very hot (original temperature is around 80C/175F) We add some water in male & female

bathtub to adjust the temperature.

<Therapeutic Effects>

Rheumatism / Cuts & Burns / After therapy for bone fracture / Chronic Skin Disease / Chronic Gynecological Disorders, etc

DON'T take Onsen if you have

-drunk alcohol !!!

-High fever

-Malignant tumor


-Severe heart disease

-Respiratory disease

-Renal failure

-Severe anemia

Sachi-no-yu (Private Bath)
Sachi-no-yu means "hotspring of Happiness" This was named by Royal Highness Takamatsunomiya, brother of Emperor Hirohito when he visited Rokusuke in 1958.
Private Bath
Sachi-no-yu, filled with Rokusuke-owned fresh hotspring is very popular with Onsen enthusiasts. No water is added. It can be used as a private bath.
Women's Bath
Red curtain means "For Women".
Take off your slippers here and go in.

Changing area
Take off all your clothes here. It is a norm to take a small towel with you into the bathroom. Please use it to dry yourself before getting out of bathroom :-)

Hair dryer available.
Men's Bath
Blue curatin is Men's bath
Changing area
Always drink a glass of water before (and after) taking Onsen to keep from dehydration.
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