Dinner and breakfast are included in the room rate.


Dinner is served around 6:00 PM, and breakfast at 7:30 AM.

We serve the meals on traditional "ozen" plates in the guests' room. Guests normally have dinner sitting on the floor.

<Vegetarian meal>
If you would care fore a vegetarian meal, please let us know in advance.

It is also an option to cook your own meal in the guests' kitchen.


Toji dinner example
Toji dinner is simple but fulfilling. Most of the ingredients are bought from the morning market or local shops
Special dinner example
Special dinner normally includes fish, Sashimi, meat, desert etc.
Morning Market
Local farmers bring vegetables and homemade goodies every morning from end of April until it starts snowing in December. Morning market is right in front of our hotel
Autumn ingredients
yellow and purple chrysanthemum flowers, mushrooms and vegetables
"Sansai" are wild vegetables available in spring (May-July) Nutricious and natural Sansai is very popular.We cook them simply boiled, or Tempura, Soup etc.
Rokusuke's Rice
Rokusuke's Rice is made by our family in Funagata town.(30min drive from Hijiori) "Haenuki" brand rice is dried in the sun after harvest. Their effort and passion make high quality rice!
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