How do I get there?

The nearest train/bus station is "Shinjo".


From Tokyo, take "Shinkansen" or "night bus" to Shinjo, and from Shinjo, take a bus to Hijiori Onsen. Bus stop is right in front of Shinjo station. It takes about 1 hour and costs 600yen one way.

<From Shinjo St. To Hijiori>



Sat.Sun.Public Holidays


<From Hijiori To Shinjo St.>


Sat.Sun.Public Holidays


Please contact us regarding pickup from Shinjo station.

Do you speak English?

No, most of our staffs speak only Japanese. We hope you consider it part of an experience :-)

Please feel free to send us an e-mail from "Contact Us" in English if you should have any questions.

We are NOT able to answer phone calls in English.

What time do I Check In/Out?

Check in is from 15:00, and check out 10:00. Please let us know if your schedule doesn't comply.

Is there WiFi?

We have Wifi in the lobby area on the 1st floor. Wifi is not available in the guests rooms.

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