Rooms & Facilities

All the rooms are traditional Japanese style with tatami mats.

Rooms on 2F and 3F have shared bathrooms and guests kitchen.

On 4F we have rooms with a private bathroom (toilet only)

There is an elevator.

Each room has TV and refrigerator. "Toji" style rooms on 2F and 3F have shared bathrooms (toilets)
Green tea set and hot water is prepared in each room. Enjoy it with complimentary sweets :-)
Guests' kitchen
Feel free to cook your own meals in the guests kitchens on 2F & 3F. There are pots, knives, plates, chopsticks and cooking spice.
10 yen stove
This antique machine is for cooking with gas. Insert 10 yen coin and the gas lasts for 10min.
Laundry area
You can wash & dry your clothes here using 100yen coins. We have some excersize machines and venting machines for beverage and razor
1F Lobby
"Shogi" "Igo" "Origami"etc
In the lobby we have Shogi (Japanese chess), Igo (like Othello), Origami papers, cards etc :-)
"Ashiyu" foot bath
If you get tired of walking, soak your feet in the hotspring footbath at the entrance. Morning market is right there.
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